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TDK RF Solutions Wins Silver IGUS Vector Award

Apr 15 2024 in News  

TDK RF Solutions is the winner of the Silver IGUS Vector Award for 2024. This winning project involved positioning numerous antenna assemblies for interference resistance tests.

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TDK introduces new absorber models

Jan 20 2023 in News  

TDK offers a wide range of radio wave absorbing materials based on our long tradition of developing electrical and magnetic material technologies as well as electronic and radio wave technologies.

The latest lineup of TDK RF absorber materials is presented in the updated "Radio Wave Absorbers" catalog. We are excited to introduce IP-030C, a shorter EMC absorber solution, and IS-V,...
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Antenna Balance vs Symmetry

Jan 18 2023 in News  

If you intend to use a hybrid antenna for final compliance measurements as per ANSI C63.4-2014, then the antenna must meet the symmetry requirements called out in Annex N of the document. But which condition should be used to determine compliance? Condition A or Condition B? And what frequency range is required for the symmetry test?

TDK has made available online an article...
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Antenna of the Month: EFG-03 E-field Generator

Jan 12 2023 in News  

The TDK EFG-03 is a unique E-field generator designed to produce controlled, high intensity electric fields over the frequency range of 10 kHz to 100 MHz. The EFG-03's integrated mast provides complete manual control of height, tilt, and polarization. The EFG-03 provides the e-field you need for your testing.

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New HLP-2008A Antenna (20MHz-8GHz) enforces symmetry and meets CISPR 16-1-4 and ANSI C63.4

Jan 04 2021 in News  

TDK is excited to announce the new HLP-2008A Hybrid Log Periodic Antenna. The HLP-2008A is an extended frequency broadband antenna intended for measurements in an anechoic chamber, open area test site, or in situ. Its 20 MHz to 8 GHz range makes it the widest emission antenna in its class. It is especially suited for wideband testing of radiated emissions from electrical and...
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TDK TestLab software supports testing integrated circuits

Jun 25 2020 in News  

TDK announces that TDK TestLab, a suite of software packages to handle EMC testing, EUT monitoring and antenna measurements, now includes support for testing integrated circuits according to the following standards:

IEC 61967-2: Integrated circuits - Measurement of electromagnetic emissions, 150 kHz to 1 GHz - Part 2: Measurement of radiated emissions - TEM cell and wideband TEM...
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TDK announces new lighting solution for EMC chambers

May 29 2020 in News  

TDK announces the release of its new EMC chamber lighting solution, the HBLED-540 High Bay LED Light Fixture.

With its minimal RF emissions, this new luminaire is ideal for lighting EMC chambers.

The prismatic borosilicate of the HBLED-540's glass sustains maximum levels of luminosity over time and does not fade, discolor or diminish.

The High Bay LED...
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New innovative, lightweight tripod for test environments

Apr 24 2020 in News  

TDK RF Solutions introduces its new lightweight tripod model TRI-350R tripod. This sturdy, lightweight, portable, non-conductive tripod is designed specifically for mounting antennas, video cameras and other instruments in EMC test environments. The tripod is constructed of light but strong fiberglass and plastic to provide the necessary stability. The tripod legs fold inward and...
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