IP-BL Absorber Series

IP-BL Absorber Series

​TDK IP-BL Absorber Series consists of a styrofoam base and an electromagnetic absorber that uses the magnetic loss of ferrite.

TDK IP-BL Absorber Series is a composite electromagnetic absorber (RF foam absorber) comprising a base material of styrofoam combined with IP radio wave absorber, which is known for its ohmic loss properties, and IB material, which is a ferrite radio wave absorber. IP-BL Absorber was developed for anechoic chambers.

Our composite absorbers fully utilize the features of each loss material. In the 30 to 500MHz range the IB electromagnetic absorbers, and in the higher range of 500MHz and higher the IP electromagnetic absorbers, are designed to provide efficient electromagnetic absorption and deliver excellent electromagnetic absorption performance for frequencies as low as 30MHz.

  • Ultra-wideband electromagnetic absorber.
  • Stable against acids, bases and water vapor, and offers long service life.
  • Uses materials that, when burned, emit gases that are relatively harmless to humans.
  • Fire retardant (NRL Classes 1, 2 and 3; UL-94HBF).
  • White end caps (sold separately) improve the illumination inside the chamber.