Clamp Positioner (CP-02)

Clamp Positioner (CP-02)

The TDK CP-02 Absorbing Clamp Positioner permits positioning in EMC test environments. The CP-02 can be easily controlled with an optional SI-300, fiber optic cables, and TDK TestLab software.

The TDK CP-02 Absorbing Clamp Positioner is a positioner designed for remote positioning applications of absorbing clamps as per CISPR 14. The positioner is controlled with the TDK RF Solutions SI-300 system interface, which reduces test interruptions by allowing test engineers to remotely position field probes during EMC/RF test procedures without opening the chamber door. With TDK TestLab™ software, the probe can also be positioned automatically.

The CP-02 can be used as part of an automated field leveling and uniformity scheme over a defined vertical plane. The clamp tray can fit all commercially available measuring clamps.

No E-Field Interference The CP-02 is non-obtrusive to the test environment because of its fiber optic transmission system, and non-conductive construction. This allows accurate measurements to be made without electric field interference from the positioner. The motor box is shielded with a stepper motor with control, and a grooved pulley and belt system.

  • CISPR 16
  • CISPR 14
  • Adjustable positioning speeds
  • Non-conducting and rugged construction
  • High positioning accuracy
  • Field-leveling software interfaces with absorbing clamp positioner to perform various measurements (TDK Emissions Lab)
  • Controlled with the optional TDK SI-300 system interface
  • Fiber optic cables
  • High positioning accuracy

Electrical Specifications

Power Requirements: 115 V/230 V

Current Consumption: max 1.6 A

Motor: Electronic EC Motor, 150 W

Mechanical Specifications

Overall Dimensions:

Height: 80 cm (31.5 in)

Length: 610 cm* (240 in)

Width: 30 cm (12 in)

Measuring Length: 530 cm* (209 in)

Positioning Speed: 1 m /35 sec (min) to 1 m/5 sec (max)

Positioning Accuracy: +/- 1 cm

Permissible Load: 10 kg

Weight: 35 kg (77.6 lbs)

Drive: Grooved Belt

Construction: Non-conductive plastic, fiberglass, acetyl, and polycarbonates

Finish: Preventive water absorption seal

Environmental Specifications

Operating Range: 0° to +35° C

Ordering Information

Product: Absorbing Clamp Positioner

Model Number: CP-02

Warranty: 1 year