Posts From January 2024

TDK software for EMC testing, EUT monitoring and antenna measurements

Jan 15 2024   

Relying on a history of over 30 years in EMC software and automation development, TDK’s EMC TestLab series of software is the choice for EMC test professionals worldwide. The software series is divided in to easily recognizable packages, each package targeting a specific measurement theme.

Other EMC software companies are associated with a particular equipment vendor,...
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The Importance of RF Shielded Video Cameras in EMC Test Environments

Jan 10 2024   

In the world of electronics and telecommunications, the field of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) plays a critical role in ensuring the proper functioning of devices and systems in the presence of electromagnetic interference (EMI). EMC test environments are designed to evaluate the electromagnetic performance of various products, and video cameras used in such environments must...
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