IB Series - Ferrite Tiles

IP Series - Polystyrene RF Absorber

IP-BL Series - Polystyrene RF Absorber

IS Series - Polyethylene RF Absorber

IS-S Series -Polyethylene RF Absorber

  • IS-S Absorber Series

    IS-S Absorber Series

    TDK IS Absorber Series is an electromagnetic absorber specifically designed for oblique incidence and consists of a polyethylene foam base and utilizing the ohmic loss of carbon.

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IS-SM Series - Polyethylene RF Absorber

ICM Series - Ferrite Absorber

  • ICM Absorber Series

    ICM Absorber Series

    TDK ICM Absorber Series is a composite magnetic loss object made of an inorganic base and ferrite powder and the IB electromagnetic absorber that utilizes the magnetic loss of ferrite.

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