IS-SM Absorber Series

IS-SM Absorber Series

TDK IS-SM absorber is an electromagnetic absorber designed specifically for oblique incident.

Designed specifically for oblique incident, the TDK IS-SM absorber is an electromagnetic absorber (RF foam absorber) consisting of a polyethylene foam base and utilizing the ohmic loss of carbon.

Not only is the IS-SM absorber capable of absorbing microwaves, it also delivers excellent electromagnetic absorption performance through millimeter waves.

  • Ultra-wideband electromagnetic absorber.
  • Excellent electromagnetic absorption performance for oblique incidences.
  • The product can be made thinner than pyramidal absorbers.
  • The tip is designed to reduce creep and deliver stable performance.
  • Stable against chemicals and offers long service life.
  • Uses materials that, when burned, emit gases that are relatively harmless to humans.
  • Fire retardant (NRL Classes 1, 2 and 3; UL-94HBF).