TDK software for EMC testing, EUT monitoring and antenna measurements

Aug 15 2023   

Relying upon a history of over 30 years in EMC software and automation development, TDK’s EMC TestLab series of software is the choice for EMC test professionals worldwide. The software series is divided in to easily recognizable packages, each package targeting a specific measurement theme.

Other EMC software companies are associated with a particular equipment vendor, either through ownership or consortium. As such, they may claim that they treat all hardware such as receivers, amplifiers, e-field probes, etc., without bias. However, this is usually not the case. TDK remains independent and as such populates its device driver library and system solutions with the best instruments the industry has to offer without brand bias. With access to all instrumentation vendors, you can select the best devices for your application. In addition, we are specialists in integrating your existing equipment.

TDK's software packages include the following:

  • Emissions Lab is specifically geared towards highly automated and efficient radiated and conducted emissions measurements. This also includes conducted power as well as conducted current and voltage measurements.
  • GTEM Emissions Lab is for those who are performing their measurements in a GTEM. This package automates GTEM-based radiated emissions tests and performs the GTEM-to-OATS correlation on the test data. The user will find all of the traditional features available in our standard EMI software, where applicable, with the additional support for the GTEM’s transfer function and control of the specialized 3D EUT manipulator used to position the device under test.
  • Radiated Immunity Lab and Conducted Immunity Lab are two feature-packed suites that form the core of TDK’s immunity software solution. They share a common set of interface features with Emissions Lab, but they also have their own set of unique features dedicated to immunity testing.
  • EUT Monitoring Lab allows you to acquire data from an EUT as well as send stimuli to an EUT during an immunity test. All of this is achieved via a controlled network of monitoring instruments such as oscilloscopes, receivers, spectrum analyzers, voltmeters, dynamic signal analyzers, etc.
  • Antenna Lab makes it simple to perform antenna measurements. Generate 2D as well as 3D antenna radiation patterns. Measure EIRP (effective isotropic radiated power) or antenna gain. Calculate TRP (total radiated power). Control granularity for efficient test runs.


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