TDK GTEM Emissions Lab is specifically designed for emissions testing in a GTEM.

TDK GTEM Emissions Lab makes it simple to perform radiated emissions tests in a GTEM. Designed by experienced EMC engineers, TDK GTEM Emissions Lab is easy to use without sacrificing performance.

Automated or Manual Control
You can create an uncomplicated system for others that practically runs itself, or you can interact with the test process every step of the way. For example, for radiated EMI tests in a GTEM, you can choose up to 12 EUT positions at which the software will make measurements. A GTEM to OATS correlation utility computes the E-field. User-defined limits, cable loss, and preamplifier factors are all taken into account by the software.

Designed for testing to CISPR, VDE, and FCC regulations

  • Automatic positioning of the EUT in the GTEM
  • Compatible with many popular test instruments
  • Runs under Microsoft Windows
  • Stores test data for future retrieval & analysis
  • Controls test process via IEEE 488 bus

Minimum System Requirements

Windows 7, 8 or 10 (Professional versions)

Measurement Features

Two-Stage Measurement:

  • Preliminary Scan
  • Final Measurement
  • Graph Features
  • Option to display multiple graphs
  • User-defined parameters for X & Y-axis
  • Dual Y-axis display option
  • Display Left, Right, of both Y-axis options
  • Data display box for up to 16 data parameters

Software Setup Features

Parameter Setup Features:

  • Add/remove list of available parameters
  • Independent selection for each test sequence
  • Frequency range selection for each test

Range Setup Features:

  • Range based system instrumentation setup
  • Option to split frequency range into sub ranges
  • Independent selection of test instruments for each range
  • Add/delete hardware for required test range(s)
  • Pause or skip option for any selected range
  • User-defined message is displayed at the start of each range

Data Table Features

  • User selectable column width and data precision
  • Add/delete column option
  • Automatic data color coding
  • Automatic data sorting
  • "Find" option to locate data

Ordering Information

Product: TDK GTEM Emissions Lab

Model Number: EMI-GTEM-LAB