TDK Emissions Lab (EMI-LAB)

TDK Emissions Lab (EMI-LAB)

TDK RF Emissions Lab features a powerful yet easy-to-use set of tools to perform emissions testing in a shielded room, in a chamber, or on an open area test site.

Ease of Use
TDK Emissions Lab makes it simple to perform radiated and conducted emissions measurements in a shielded room, in a chamber, or on an open area test site (OATS).

Enhance test lab performance by maximizing repeatability of automated measurements using consistent, proven algorithms. TDK Emissions Lab includes support for turntable and antenna tower manipulation and is compatible with many turntable and antenna tower controllers, including those from Deisel, ETS-EMCO, Inn-co, Kagaseiko, Shoshin, Sunol Sciences and TDK.

Designed to support most EMC regulations, including CISPR, FCC, MIL-STD, and ETSI. For details on a specific regulation, please contact us.

Automated or Manual Control
Enables you to create simple test files for others to run, or you can interact with the test process every step of the way.

  • Automotive (AEMCLRP, BMW, Nissan, DiamlerChrysler, Ford, GMW3097/3100, Porsche, PSA)
  • Commercial (FCC, EN, ETSI)
  • Military (MIL-STD-461/2, RTCA DO-160)
  • Telecommunications (GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, UMTS , DECT, Cordless Phones, Bluetooth, WiFi, VoIP)

TDK Emissions Lab features the following test sequences:

  • Preliminary Scan
    A rapid scan of a range of frequencies is performed. Using the peak search utility, the full set of measurement data is analyzed and a list of peak frequencies is generated.
  • Final Measurements
    Detailed measurements are performed at individual frequencies. Antenna height, EUT azimuth, and antenna polarization are varied to find the maximum field-strength readings at each frequency. Measurements are taken at the maximized positions using the detector(s) of your choice.
  • Site Attenuation
    Used for qualifying an OATS or a shielded enclosure for making emissions measurements per ANSI specifications.
  • Amplitude Response
    Perform gain or loss characterization of cables, preamplifiers, filters, etc.

Minimum System Requirements

Windows 7, 8 or 10 (Professional versions)

Test Range Setup Features

  • Optimized multi-threading reduces host CPU requirements during measurements.
  • Fast data storage allows near real-time data presentation during measurements.
  • Supports a wide variety of receivers, spectrum analyzers, antenna towers, turntables, LISNs, base station simulators, signal generators, switch modules, and other types of equipment
  • Automatic, configurable peak search with options for ambient exclusion and narrowband/broadband discrimination
  • Notification of test completion by e-mail
  • Configurable delays
  • Uncertainty analysis

Frequency Range Setup Features

  • Split frequency range into sub-ranges to accommodate different equipment or settings in different frequency ranges
  • Independent frequency stepping (linear, log, or file-based) in each sub-range
  • Pause at the end of a sub-range and display a user-defined message
  • Skip one or more sub-ranges

Graph Features

  • Display multiple graphs
  • Flexible configuration allowing any data parameters to be plotted on any axis (x-axis, left y-axis, right y-axis)
  • Linear or logarithmic axes
  • Auto-scaling of axes based on the data
  • Configurable measurement units, trace thickness, color, and labels
  • Graphs may be pasted into other documents, such as Microsoft Word documents
  • Zoom, multiple zooms, nested zooms
  • Add/delete color-coded data markers automatically or manually

Data Table Features

  • Configurable data display format
  • Flexible configuration allowing any data parameters to be displayed in the table
  • Export data to a text file
  • Data tables may be copied and pasted into other documents, such as Microsoft Word documents
  • Add/delete/move columns
  • Color coding of data values to indicate markers
  • Sort data on any data parameter
  • "Find" option to locate data

Ordering Information

Product: TDK Emissions Lab

Model Number: EMI-LAB