TDK Radiated Immunity Lab (RAD-LAB)

TDK Radiated Immunity Lab (RAD-LAB)

TDK Radiated Immunity Lab features a powerful yet easy to use set of tools to simplify immunity testing in an anechoic chamber.

TDK Radiated Immunity Lab is designed to automate radiated immunity testing by controlling the signal source output levels and monitoring the power levels necessary to generate the required field levels over a set of frequencies. It supports Substitution, Closed Loop, and Theoretical testing methods.

Ease of Use
TDK Radiated Immunity Lab makes it simple to perform radiated immunity tests in an anechoic chamber. Designed by experienced EMC engineers, TDK Radiated Immunity Lab is easy to use without sacrificing performance.

You can create an uncomplicated automated system for others that practically runs itself, or if you are a "hands-on" person, you can interact with the test process every step of the way.

Specifically designed to meet regulatory requirements for radiated immunity testing in automotive, military, commercial, and telecommunications applications.

  • Compatible with many popular test instruments
  • Stores test data for future retrieval and analysis
  • Controls test process via IEEE 488

Minimum System Requirements

Windows 7, 8 or 10 (Professional versions)

Measurement Features

Test Sequences

  • Calibration
  • Calibration Verification
  • Immunity Test

Special Features

  • Field Uniformity
  • Field Step profile
  • Interactive mode for failure analysis

Software Setup Features

Parameter Setup Features

  • Frequency range selection
  • Data parameter selection for each test sequence

Range Setup Features

  • Frequency range selection
  • Independent selection of test instruments for each range
  • Linear, logarithmic, and file-based frequency stepping
  • Manual or user defined dwell time between step

Leveling Setup Features

  • Level to user-defined field strength levels
  • Level to user-defined power output levels
  • Set to user-defined signal generator drive levels

Graph Features

  • Ability to display multiple graphs
  • Dual Y-axis display
  • Data display box for up to 16 data parameters
  • Zoom
  • Color-coded data markers
  • Linear or logarithmic axes
  • Automatic scaling to data
  • Data-tracking crosshair

Data Table Features

  • User-selectable numerical precision
  • Drag-and-drop data columns
  • Color-coded data markers
  • Automatic data sorting

Ordering Information

Product: TDK Radiated Immunity Lab

Model Number: RAD-LAB