3m Compliant Semi-Anechoic Test Chamber Facility

3m Compliant Semi-Anechoic Test Chamber Facility

TDK's baseline semi-anechoic 3-meter chambers are designed to provide an optimal environment for radiated emissions and radiated immunity measurements.

TDK Chamber Overview

Our baseline semi-anechoic 3-meter chambers are designed to provide an optimal environment for radiated emissions and radiated immunity measurements.

Standard Description
ANSI C63.4 Radiated Emissions
CISPR 11, 12, 16, 22, 25, 32 Radiated Emissions
IEC 61000-4-3 Radiated Immunity

TDK’s standard configuration targets +/-3.5dB NSA and +5.5dB sVSWR performance. Our NSA, sVSWR, and Field Uniformity measurement results will provide unmatched reliability, repeatability, and the highest performance environment possible.

TDK Chamber Dimensions

Item Length Width Height
Minimum Internal Working Space 8.50 m
5.00 m
5.50 m
RF Shielding Inner Dimensions 9.00 m
6.00 m
6.00 m
External Dimensions with support steel 9.30 m
6.30 m
6.65 m


1)This design assumes a 30cm (12”) raised ground plane floor inside the chamber for ease of cable management and installation of a flush mounted turntable.

2)The interior height is designed to accommodate known current boresight antenna mast designs. Be sure to check the height requirements since the space necessary can vary significantly from supplier to supplier of boresight antenna masts.

TDK RF Absorber Materials

With TDK’s history and experience as the original inventor of hybrid RF absorber technology (ferrite tile + foam RF absorber) and being the only test chamber company to manufacture both the ferrite tiles and the foam RF absorbers, we are in a unique position to warrantee the best possible anechoic validation performance values.

TDK materials are lightweight, yet rigid and quite strong. TDK RF absorber material will not droop, crumble, breakdown, or change their physical or electrical characteristics even after 20+ years of use.

Our ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 facilities provide a tightly controlled manufacturing process assuring every part is consistent and avoids uneven resistive material distribution problems frequently observed in competitor materials.

TDK materials are also extremely safe and naturally very clean. You will not have to worry about potential fire hazards or toxicity issues with TDK materials.

TDK Technology

A unique advantage TDK can offer you is the basis for our solutions stem from the fact TDK not only provides turnkey installations for our customers but TDK also owns and operates these same chambers to research, develop, test, and validate the many other products TDK manufactures.

As a firsthand user of test chambers for R&D and compliance testing of various products, we have a true understanding of the challenges you face. In addition to our simulation and modeling expertise to predict how a particular design will perform, we can share our experience with you to optimize the chamber design for the most practical, efficient, and real world use.

Baseline Chamber Components

  • Structural Steel Support System
  • 100dB+ RF Shielding System up to 18 GHz
  • 1.2m (48") x 2.44m (96") RF Shielded Door
  • TDK Hybrid RF Absorber (Ferrite Tile + Foam)
  • Easily Removable, Reconfigurable, & Replaceable RF Absorber Design
  • Movable sVSWR Floor Absorber
  • Movable Field Uniformity Floor Absorber
  • Zero “0” RF Noise LED Light Fixtures
  • 2.0m Diameter Flush Mount Turntable
  • Standard 1-4m Scan Antenna Mast
  • Turntable and Antenna Mast Controller
  • One (1) Bulkhead Connector Panel
  • Plumbing Waveguide Pipe Penetrations
  • Compressed Air Waveguide Pipe Penetration
  • Air Sampling Waveguide Pipe Penetration
  • Fiber Optic Cable Waveguide Penetration
  • Raised Floor Ground Plane and Access Hatches
  • Four (4) TDK 2x5A Powerline Filters (for LED lighting)
  • Three (3) TDK 2x30A Powerline Filters (for EUT and general services)
  • Grounding Lug
  • HVAC Honeycomb Waveguide Air Vents
  • RF Shielding Effectiveness Testing
  • NSA Validation Testing Services (30 MHz to 1 GHz)
  • sVSWR Validation Testing Services (1 GHz to 18 GHz)
  • Field Uniformity Testing Services (80 MHz to 6 GHz)
  • Chamber Design and Engineering Services
  • Project Management Services
  • Shipping and Handling
  • Installation Services
  • Industry Leading 20 year RF Absorber Warranty

Optional Chamber Components

  • RF Shielding Effectiveness Performance up to 40 GHz
  • Extended Anechoic Performance up to 200 GHz
  • Dual Measurement Axis / Range Designs
  • Epoxy Floor Coating Finish
  • Non-Conductive Test Table
  • CISPR-25 Test Table
  • MIL-STD-461/DO-160 Test Table
  • Test Table Quick Connect Grounding System
  • Smaller and Larger RF Shielded Door Options
  • Semi-Auto to Fully Auto RF Shielded Door Options
  • RF Hardened and Noise Free HD Camera System
  • Audio Intercom System
  • Antennas (various ranges from DC to 40 GHz)
  • Boresight, 1-4m Scan, Antenna Mast
  • Video Projection System
  • Door Ramp / Platform System
  • Higher Capacity Powerline Filters
  • Turntable Deck Integrated Receptacles and Interfaces
  • LISN
  • Turntable Slipring and Rotary Joint Options
  • Test In Progress Light / Indicator
  • Door Interlock System
  • Fire Suppression System Options
  • Smoke Detection System Options
  • Emergency Exit Lighting
  • Seismic Calculations Submittal Package
  • Maintenance Services Agreement
  • Extended Warranty
  • Expanded Project Management Services
  • Measurement Test System Options
  • Training and Consultation Services

An example of NSA performance is shown in the graph (below). TDK can achieve very stable and consistent swept frequency values across the entire test volume area

An example of potential sVSWR performance is shown in the graph (below). With minimal set-up time and an optimized quantity of floor absorber between the sVSWR measurement antennas, TDK can achieve very stable and highly consistent swept frequency values across the entire test volume (quiet zone) area. sVSWR performance is accredited from 1 GHz to 18 GHz and for reference information, testing can be extended to 40 GHz.

TDK Test System Solutions

  • Complete Automated Test Solutions for Radiated
  • Emissions, Radiated Immunity, Conducted Emissions, and Conducted Immunity
  • Complete EUT Monitoring Solutions
  • MIL-STD-461/D160 Test Systems
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Test System Solutions
  • Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) Test System Solutions
  • Automotive Test System Solutions
  • Antenna Measurement Test System Solutions
  • TDK Developed Software Modules for Emissions, Immunity, EUT Monitoring, GTEM, and Antenna Measurements
  • High Field Generator Systems
  • ERP and EIRP Test Systems
  • Mode Stir and Reverberation Test Systems

TDK Accessories and Support Products

  • Full Line of Antennas
  • Customized Antennas
  • Tripods
  • RF Hardened High Definition CCTV Systems
  • RF Noise Free LED Lighting Systems
  • Probe Positioners
  • 3D Positioners
  • Test Tables
  • Antenna Masts
  • Camera Stands and Wall Mounts
  • E-Field Generators
  • Magnetic Field Generators

TDK Facility Consulting Guideline

If you need some basic guidelines for integration of a TDK chamber in your building, please contact us and ask for our “TDK Facility Guidelines for EMC Chambers” document for details that can help your planning process.