Master Control Panel (MCP-01)

Master Control Panel (MCP-01)

The TDK RF Solutions MCP-01 Master Control Panel provides interlock status, fiber optic links to remote locations, and protection monitoring in EMC test environments.

The TDK RF Solutions MCP-01 Master Control Panel is designed for EMC testing control rooms to provide interlock status, fiber optic links to remote locations or racks, and protection monitoring.

Control of Remote Locations The interlocks from several remote racks can be daisy-chained together so that if any single rack is triggered the whole system will react. This gives you the flexibility of operating safely from any location within the system confines.

Automatic or Manual Safety Features The interlock section of the MCP-01 contains automatic and manual controls for safety. In automatic mode, if the shielded room door is opened the LED will extinguish, alerting the user of a dangerous situation, while the amplifier inputs are automatically terminated into 50 Ohm input protection loads, which prevents them from radiating any fields into the shielded room. If the manual RF override switch is used, the LED will also extinguish itself. The RF override switch will also terminate the amplifier inputs into the 50 Ohm loads. The RF override switch interface allows the operator to physically force the amplifier input to a low level by "grounding" it to a 50 Ohm reference.

Power Controls The MCP-01's primary power-on button consists of a backlit push panel indicator. It activates the main rack's power as well as any remote racks that might be on the fiber optic link. Multiple racks, in various locations, can be turned on or off from a single point. As with the safety features, the redundant on/off features are present on every rack, rear and remote, insuring that the operator can intervene with the system at any location.

  • Automatic or manual control of safety features
  • Daisy-chain with remote interlocks to provide operating safety in any location
  • Redundant control of power on/off for system from each remote location
  • Fiber optic cabling provides immunity to outside disturbances
  • Large, highly visible punch-down power cut off switch

Product: Master Control Panel

Model Number: MCP-01

Warranty: 1 year