EMI-TS-T18P Test System

EMI-TS-T18P Test System

The TDK EMI-TS-T18P is a turnkey system designed specifically for commercial, pre-compliance testing.

TDK EMI-TS-T18P is a turnkey electromagnetic compatibility test system designed specifically for commercial, pre-compliance testing.

Pre-compliance testing in the development process or during R&D evaluation serves as an inexpensive diagnostic tool. Moreover, it can be used to increase the probability of successfully completing full EMC compliance testing without the need for expensive redesigns. The EMI-TS-T18P can be used as a cost-effective method to reduce the time to market for your products.

The TDK RF Solutions’ EMI-TS-T18P combines everything needed to conduct pre-compliance testing for commercial standards, such as CISPR22. It provides industry-leading, Microsoft-certified software integrated with the world-class Keysight EXA receiver. Additionally it includes TDK preamplifiers, antennas, LISNs, antenna stands, & cables—the complete solution to meet your commercial testing needs. It takes the worry out of ordering a test system.

  • Pre-compliance testing
  • Commercial standards
  • Fully integrated, Turnkey solution
  • Automated and manual EMC diagnostics tool
  • Includes all CISPR 16-1-1 bandwidths, and detectors
  • Advanced peak search tools
  • Easily customized for other standards
  • EMI-LAB: TDK Radiated and Conducted Emissions Software
  • N9010A-526: Keysight EXA Signal Analyzer, 10 Hz to 26.5 GHz
  • N6141A-2FP: EMI measurement application
  • PA-02-0118: TDK Preamplifier, 100 kHz to 18 GHz, 30 dB gain, 4.2 dB NF
  • HLP-2006C: TDK Compact Hybrid Log Periodic Antenna, 20 MHz to 6 GHz
  • HRN-0118: Horn Antenna, 1 GHz to 18 GHz
  • TRI-150R: Tripod, retractable, 1.5 m max height
  • LISN-C1550: Multi-line, 15 A LISN with built-in Pulse Limiter
  • RF Cables: 10 m and 2 m

Installation & Training, racks, and other options can be added & customized to suit specific needs.

Ordering Information
Product: EMS Test System
Model Number: EMS-TS-T18P
Warranty: 1 year