Radiated/Conducted EMS Test System (EMS-TS)

Radiated/Conducted EMS Test System (EMS-TS)

The TDK RF Solutions EMS Test System incorporates the latest technologies to efficiently test to the specifications applicable to your products.

Requirements for EMS Testing Many electronic products or subassemblies must meet immunity testing requirements depending on the product's target marketplace, specific use environment, or internal manufacturer's requirements. EMS testing requires an engineer to control a wide range of instrumentation from a variety of vendors and perform detailed test procedures for a number of specifications. To meet these challenges, more and more companies rely on TDK RF Solutions to develop innovative, integrated system solutions that employ the latest technologies to bring products into compliance. Our electromagnetic susceptibility measurement systems integrate instrumentation, system controls, positioning devices, and software to perform automated, semi-automated, and manual immunity measurements in an anechoic chamber, shielded room, or test cell.

We Meet Your Standards® The basis of our immunity system designs are the test standards that are applicable to your products. We evaluate the full spectrum of test specifications carefully to develop an integrated test environment that covers the basic, generic, product family, and/or product specific standards applicable to your needs. Our recommendations are based on proven system installations, in-house research and development, and extensive experience with dozens of test instrument suppliers. The result is a seamless interface between you, the test system, and the test environment.

A turnkey EMS Test System from TDK RF Solutions is designed as a complete solution to satisfy product testing requirements. A typical electromagnetic susceptibility measurement system includes:

RF Signal Generation and Monitoring Equipment selected to cover applicable frequencies and meet your test level requirements.

Antennas selected to match both test standards and signal generation equipment capabilities.

Injection and Monitoring Current Probes specifically designed for conducted immunity requirements.

Measurement Accessories such as switching and positioning devices that simplify control and increase efficiency.

An EMS Main Control Console with instruments and system controls strategically placed to provide test engineers easy access to all functions, and a comfortable, ergonomically-correct work environment.

An EUT Interface to the EUT (Equipment Under Test) monitoring and control system. This interface is customized to specific product areas.

A System Controller with Application Software that offers state-of-the-art power to control test instruments and perform immunity tests in accordance with regulations.

Proven Solutions
Our test system designs are based on proven EMS solutions already in place in Europe, North America, and Asia. Each new system incorporates the latest technologies to cover the standards that apply to your products. This approach makes each installation more efficient and more manageable, which simplifies test procedures, maximizes the productivity of limited resources, and accelerates time to market.

Flexibility and Scalability
We pay special attention to the ability to upgrade a system in the future to handle changes in the test standards. By selecting and designing products that can be adapted to new requirements, we help you stay current as new technologies are adopted and new standards are introduced.

We would like to turn your vision into reality. Call TDK RF Solutions today with your requirements. We will meet your standards.

  • Best-in-Class Test Instruments
  • Fully Integrated Hardware and Software
  • Remote Control of Switches and Positioning Devices
  • Automated, Semi-automated, and Manual Testing
  • Built-in System and Operator Safety
  • Ergonomically Designed Test Consoles and Racks
  • High Quality System Cabling and Connectors
  • Quality Workmanship
  • On-Site Training
  • Comprehensive Warranty
  • Commercial and industrial products
  • Automotive whole vehicle, automotive components
  • Telecommunications, mobile radio, base station, network equipment
  • MIL-STD, Aerospace
  • Special categories