Radiated/Conducted EMI Test System (EMI-TS)

Radiated/Conducted EMI Test System (EMI-TS)

The TDK RF Solutions Radiated Emissions Test System integrates best-in-class test instrumentation, antennas, and software to provide automated testing for electromagnetic emissions according to U.S. and international test specifications.

Integrated System Design The TDK RF Solutions EMI Test Systems integrate test instrumentation, system controls, positioning devices, and software to test specific products or subsystems for electromagnetic emissions according to international, R&D, and manufacturer-specific standards. Our EMI Test Systems are designed to perform automated, semi-automated, and manual emissions measurements in an anechoic chamber, shielded room, OATS, or test cell.

We Meet Your Standards® TDK RF Solutions designs each electromagnetic compatibility test system
specifically to a customer's product testing requirements, so you receive the exact system solution you need, without unnecessary components and costs associated with off-the-shelf, "one size fits all" test systems. Whether you need to cover basic, generic, product family, and/or product specific standards, the basis of our system design is the standards that are applicable to your products. We combine these requirements with our proven skills in system design, installation, and our extensive experience with dozens of test instrument suppliers. The result is a complete system solution that is ready for use from day one.

A turnkey EMI Test System from TDK RF Solutions is designed to be a complete electromagnetic susceptibility measurement system solution to satisfy product testing requirements. A typical system includes:

EMI test instrumentation selected to cover applicable frequencies and meet your price/performance requirements.

Antennas/LISNs/Clamps selected to match both test standards and test facility capabilities.

Measurement Accessories such as switching and positioning devices that simplify control and increase efficiency.

An EMI Main Control Console with instruments and system controls strategically placed to provide test engineers easy access to all functions, and a comfortable, ergonomically-correct work environment.

A System Controller with Application Software that offers state-of-the-art power to perform emissions tests from pre-scan to final measurements and to control multiple EMI analyzers and receivers.

Proven Solutions Our test system developments are based on proven solutions already in place in Europe, North America, and Asia. Instead of an off-the-shelf approach to design, each new system incorporates the latest technologies to explicitly cover the standards that apply to your products. This gives you accurate, repeatable measurements and minimizes demands on your limited resources.

Your Vision. Our Mission. Our design goals are the same as your testing goals – simplify test procedures, generate accurate results, maximize productivity of limited personnel resources, accelerate time to market. No matter what your needs are, we can turn your vision into reality with a turnkey system optimized with the best selection of instrumentation, quality workmanship, and a comprehensive warranty. Call TDK RF Solutions today with your requirements. We will meet your standards.

  • Best-in-Class Test Instruments
  • Fully Integrated Hardware and Software
  • Remote Control of Switches, Positioning Devices, and LISNs
  • Automated, Semi-automated, and Manual Testing
  • Ergonomically Designed Test Consoles and Racks
  • High Quality System Cabling and Connectors
  • Quality Workmanship
  • On-Site Training
  • Comprehensive Warranty
  • Commercial and industrial products
  • Automotive whole vehicle, automotive components
  • Telecommunications, mobile radio, base station, network equipment
  • MIL-STD, Aerospace
  • Special categories