Dual Antenna Positioning System (DAPS-01)

Dual Antenna Positioning System (DAPS-01)

The TDK DAPS-01 Dual Antenna Positioning System is designed to simply testing by enabling remote positioning of two antennas in EMC test environments.

The TDK RF Solutions DAPS-01 Dual Antenna Positioning System consists of a dual antenna mast with integrated turntable and SI-300 system interface. The DAPS-01 is specifically designed for remote positioning of two antennas, both in the horizontal and vertical planes, during EMC testing. The DAPS-01 simplifies testing by allowing the user to test continuously across two antenna bandwidths without interruption.

Remote Control
The DAPS-01 is remotely controlled by the TDK RF Solutions SI-300 system interface unit. A single independent control unit is used to handle the turn axis and the polarization sense.

Fiber Optic Link
Remote control of the positioning system is achieved by use of fiber optic links, eliminating a potential interference source and distance limitations.

Custom Dimensions
The dimensions of the positioning system mast and turntable are dependent on the customer's required illumination area. Dimensions are limited only by the maximum length of cable that is used.

  • Remote independent vertical and horizontal polarization
  • Compatible with the TDK SI-300 system interface
  • Fiber optic interface
  • Custom dimensions to meet customer requirements
  • Shielded remote modules for use in high field environments
  • Universal linear power supply
  • Dual Antenna Mast with Integrated Turntable
  • SI-300 System Interface
  • One set fiber optic cables

Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions: 2.16 m H x 1.65 m D (85" x 65")
Adjustable Height: 1 - 2 m (39" - 79")
Polarization: Automatic horizontal and vertical polarization
Cross-Boom Loading: 20 kg (44 lbs.)
Mast Weight: 30 kg (67 lbs.)
Turntable Weight: 35 kg (77 lbs.)
Construction: Non-conductive fiberglass and ABS plastic

Mechanical Specifications
Voltage: 115/230
Amp: 4/3A
Hertz: 50/60 Hz
Phase: 1Φ

Source Air: Regulated to 20 psi
Flow Rate: Regulated to 5 SCFM

Environmental Specifications
Operating Range: 0° to +40° C
Thermal Ratings: -10° to +50° C

Ordering Information
Product: Dual Antenna Positioning System
Model Number: DAPS-01
Warranty: 1 year limited