High Bay LED Light Fixture for EMC Chambers (HBLED-540)

High Bay LED Light Fixture for EMC Chambers (HBLED-540)

The TDK High Bay LED Light Fixture (HBLED-540) is ideal for EMC chamber lighting with minimal RF emissions.


The new TDK HBLED-540 High Bay LED Light Fixture raises the stakes and takes the lumen output and temperature tolerance to new heights.

By combining the latest in LED technology with the unmatched illuminating dynamics of prismatic glass, this High Bay LED luminaire brings a superior, incomparable proficiency and reliability to the table. With its remote driver capability, the TDK HBLED-540 High Bay LED Light Fixture is ideal for EMC chambers with minimal RF emissions.


The prismatic borosilicate glass sustains maximum levels of luminosity over time and does not fade, discolor or diminish. The remarkably engineered LED system ensures outstanding consistency and optimizes spacing.

Light Distribution

Mechanical Design

The housing is produced with a robust cast mix of aluminum housing with a low copper content (0.6% CU content).


For use in 3 meter, 5 meter, and 10 meter EMC and antenna test chambers.

Electromagnetic Compatibility

The High Bay LED Light Fixture is tested for electromagnetic emissions from 20 MHz to 1 GHz. See the graph below for test data.

Optical Specifications

Light Output: 18000 lumens (nominal)

Color Temperature: 4000K

Color Rendering Index: 70 CRI (nominal)

Electrical Specifications

Power Requirements: 120—277 VAC

Power Consumption: 155 Watts

Options: Optional 10 V dimmer circuit

Surge Protection: 2kV/1kA level of surge protection provided by driver

Additional Features: Special 2 line EMI filter for connection into chamber

Aluminum core printed circuit board

Mechanical Specifications

Diameter: 21.25 in (540mm)

Height: 6.25 in (159mm)

Weight: 22 lbs (9.8kg)

Environmental Specifications

Ambient Temperature Limits:

Operating: 0° to +40° C

Storage: -10° to +50° C

Product: High Bay LED

Model Number: HBLED-540

Warranty: 5-year limited warranty