15cm Stripline (STL-01)

15cm Stripline (STL-01)

The TDK STL-01 Stripline fully assembled in chamber.

The TDK STL-01 Stripline is designed to produce high electric fields over a controlled bandwidth. It is used to perform EMC measurements according to automotive test standards in order to test the immunity to radiated electromagnetic fields of electrical and electronic equipment. The stripline is available in a 50 ohm version (customer supplies termination) to meet your test requirements.

The STL-01 is designed to be dismantled and stored in its own shipping container. This saves lab space and also keeps the stripline from dust and damage when not in use. The stripline is made of three pieces and has foldable legs for the base. The three pieces can be separated easily by hand. No tools are needed.

  • Space-saving storage
  • Excellent TEM mode behavior
  • Extended use for multi-mode testing
  • Good longitudinal uniformity
  • Automotive testing
  • EMC testing

STL-01 (50 ohms version)

Mechanical Specifications
Maximum Dimensions without table:
Length: 3.69 m
Width: 0.75 m
Height: 0.155 m
Maximum Dimensions with table:
Length: 4.31 m
Width: 1.49 m
Height: 0.93 m (with table)
Weight: 100 kg (with table)
Finish: Brushed Aluminum
RF Connector: N type (female)

Electrical Specifications
Frequency Range:
TEM mode: 10 kHz - 220 MHz
Multi-mode: 220 - 1000 MHz
VSWR <2.0:1 average for TEM mode
TEM mode: Linear, vertical
Multi-mode: Linear, vertical & horizontal
Power Handling: 500 watts
Feedpoint Impedance:
STL-01: 50 ohm

Support Table: All striplines are mounted on a mobile support table for easy mobility

Environmental Specifications
Ambient Temperature Limits:
Operating: 0° to +40° C
Storage: -10° to +50° C
Humidity: Up to 95% non-condensing

Ordering Information
Product: 15cm Stripline
Model Number: STL-01
Warranty: 1 year