80cm Stripline (STL-02)

80cm Stripline (STL-02)

The TDK STL-02 Stripline is engineered to produce high electric fields used in immunity testing for electrical and electronic equipment.

The TDK stripline model STL-02 is designed to produce high electric fields over a controlled bandwidth. It is used to perform EMC measurements according to automotive standards in order to test the immunity of electrical and electronic equipment to radiated electromagnetic fields.

The STL-02 uses a single sided tapered feed design into a matched transmission line with a tapered termination.

  • Excellent TEM mode behavior
  • Extended use for multi-mode testing
  • Good longitudinal uniformity
  • Broadcast receiver testing
  • Automotive testing
  • EMC testing

STL-02 150 ohms

Mechanical Specifications
Size (max. dimensions):
Length: 2.8m
Width: 0.9m
Height: 0.8m (without table), 1.6m (with table)
Weight 20 kg (without table), 45 kg (with table)
Finish: Brushed Aluminum
RF Connector: N type (female)

Electrical Specifications
Frequency Range:
TEM mode: DC - 220 MHz
Multi-mode: 220 - 1000 MHz
VSWR: <2.0:1 average for TEM mode
Polarization: TEM mode: Linear, vertical
Multi-mode: Linear, vertical & horizontal
Power Handling: 100 watts
Feedpoint Impedance: STL-02: 50 ohms
Balun: 50 ohms to 150 ohms
Support Table: All striplines are mounted on a mobile support table for easy mobility

Environmental Specifications
Ambient Temperature Limits:
Operating: 0° to +40° C
Storage: -10° to +50° C
Humidity: Up to 95% non-condensing

Ordering Information
Product: 80cm Stripline
Model Number: STL-02
Warranty: 1 year