Hybrid Log Periodic Antenna (HLP-2601)

Hybrid Log Periodic Antenna (HLP-2601)

The TDK HLP-2601 Hybrid Log Periodic antenna offers unequaled performance over the ultra wide frequency range of 26 MHz to 1 GHz, dual-mode capabilities, and an efficient design.

Ultra Wide Range The TDK HLP-2601 Hybrid Log Periodic antenna provides unequaled performance over the operating frequency range of 26 MHz to 1 GHz. The HLP-2601's high power handling capability (3500W) makes it the best choice for EMC immunity tests requiring very intense field strengths.

  • High gain
  • Low VSWR
  • High capacity power input
  • Quality construction
  • Provides significantly improved performance over competing designs
  • Optional calibration according to ANSI C63.5 with signed certificate of calibration

Immunity testing


  • Manual Vertical Mast MVM-200R TDK MVM-200R antenna mast provides manual control of the height, tilt, and polarization. The MVM-200R extends from 97.5 cm to 167.5 cm and supports antennas up to 18 kg.

Mechanical Specifications

Size: 1.5 m x 1.4 m x 0.74 m (60" W x 55" D x 29" H)

Weight: < 8.5 kg

Finish: Aluminum

RF Connector: 7/16 female

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range: 26 MHz to 1 GHz

Gain: 6 to 8 dBi typical

VSWR: 2:1 average

Polarization: Linear

Power Handling 3500W CW continuous

Feedpoint Impedance 50 ohms (nominal)

Environmental Specifications

Ambient Temperature Limits:

Operating: 0° to +40° C
Storage: -10° to +50° C

Humidity: Up to 95% non-condensing

Ordering Information

Product: Hybrid Periodic Log Antenna

Model Number: HLP-2601

Warranty: 1 year Limited