Manual Vertical Mast (MVM-200R)

Manual Vertical Mast (MVM-200R)

The TDK MVM-200R Manual Vertical Mast is designed specifically for EMC test environments. The mast provides complete positioning control and supports antennas up to 18 kg* (shown here with our High Power Broadband Antenna).

The TDK RF Solutions MVM-200R Manual Vertical Mast is designed for mounting antennas in EMC test environments. The TDK mast provides complete manual control of an antenna's height, tilt, and polarization, and supports antennas up to 18 kg in weight. The MVM-200R is constructed of high-quality, non-conductive materials to withstand the rigors of daily use in both EMI and EMS testing.

Complete Positioning Control
The MVM-200R's mounting arm adjusts from 97.5 cm to 167.5 cm and supports both small and large antennas on industry-standard mounting adapters. The mast's positioning gimbal allows manual control of antenna tilt to ± 10° and provides rotation of the antenna with indexing at 0° and 90° for quick and easy polarization changes. A locking pin secures the mounting arm in position.

High-Quality Construction
The mast, base, and mounting arm are constructed of heavy-duty square fiberglass tubing with a protective water seal. The mast features four locking swivel casters for safety and ease of movement. The vertical mast can be easily disassembled for storage or transportation between test sites.

  • Robust mechanical design
  • Complete control of height, tilt, and polarization
  • Supports antennas up to 18 kg
  • Four locking swivel casters

* (Antenna mounted with its center of gravity located between 30 cm and 60 cm of mast.)

  • Antenna mounting in EMC test environments

Other mast heights available upon request

Mechanical Specifications
Extended Height: 200 cm (78.75 in.)
Collapsed Height: 97.5 cm (38.5 in.)
Base Width: 99 cm (39 in.)
Base Length: 71 cm (28 in.)
Weight: 34 kg (75 lbs.)
Construction: Fiberglass and plastic

Ordering Information
Product: Manual Vertical Mast
Model Number: MVM-200R
Warranty: 1 year