Log Periodic Dipole Antenna (LPDA-0801)

Log Periodic Dipole Antenna (LPDA-0801)

The TDK LPDA-0801 Log Periodic Dipole Antenna covers the operating frequency range of 80 MHz to 1 GHz with high power handling.

The TDK LPDA-0801 is a medium gain Log Periodic Dipole Array that provides strong performance over the operating frequency range of 80 MHz to 1 GHz. The LPDA-0801 features very high power handing (2.5 kW continuous) capabilities to accommodate the most extreme EMC test requirements.

Patent-Pending Design
The LPDA-0801 features a patent-pending boom/feedline design that greatly enhances the antenna's performance over traditional LPDA models while maintaining a compact form factor. This unique design facilitates heat transfer, which yields very high power handling with extremely low loss and greatly improved efficiency.

Dual Use
The LPDA-0801 is designed for immunity measurements, but the reduced-sized precision feedline cross section translates into low cross-polarization and excellent pattern symmetry, making the LPDA-0801 an excellent emissions measurements as well.

Robust Construction
The LPDA-0801 is precision built to very tight tolerances and features an ultra-robust mechanical design, resilient gold chromate finish, and a highly durable feed to withstand the rigors of daily use in EMC test environments. The antenna can be mounted on a conventional antenna tower or on one of TDK's line of antenna masts.

  • Wide frequency range of 80 MHz to 1 GHz
  • High power handling (2.5 kW)
  • High efficiency and low loss
  • Robust mechanical design
  • Immunity Testing
  • Emissions Testing

Manual Vertical Mast MVM-200R The TDK MVM-200R antenna mast provides manual control of the height, tilt, and polarization. The MVM-200R extends from 97.5 cm to 167.5 cm and supports antennas up to 18 kg.

Electrical Characteristics
Frequency Range: 80 MHz to 1 GHz
Gain: 5 - 6 dBi
VSWR: 1.5:1 average
Polarization: Linear
Power Handling: 2.5 kW (continuous)
Impedance: 50 Ohms nominal

Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions: 142 cm L x 170 cm W x 5 cm H (14 cm with mount)
Weight: 4 kg
Connector: 7/16 female
Construction: Aluminum with gold chromate finish

Ordering Information
Product: Log Periodic Dipole Antenna
Model Number: LPDA-0801
Warranty: 1 year