System Interface (SI-300)

System Interface (SI-300)

The TDK RF Solutions SI-300 is a multi-purpose solution specifically designed to integrate and control a wide variety of instruments used in EMC test systems.

Multi-Purpose SolutionThe TDK RF Solutions SI-300 controller is a multi-purpose system interface designed for manual or computer controlled EMC test systems. The SI-300 provides a user-friendly method for controlling field sensors, turntables, masts, probe positioners, and local and remote switch modules (depending on configuration chosen).

Flexibility The SI-300 can be a rack mounted or stand alone unit. The SI-300 rear panel can be configured to contain up to 4 channels or up to 4 RF switches, depending on your application.

Fiber Optic Links Non-intrusive fiber optic links control the remote devices, eliminating the interference that may be associated with conventional control cabling.

  • Field Probe Data Acquisition
  • Turntable Control
  • Antenna Mast Control
  • Probe X-Y Positioner Control
  • Antenna X-Y Positioner Control
  • Local and Remote RF Switching Control
  • Menu driven multi-purpose system interface
  • Graphical 240 x 64 LCD display
  • Fiber optic control of remote devices
  • Easy to operate ergonomic controls
  • GPIB control for front panel functions
  • Optional built-in RF switches

RF Field Probes

Emission Positioning Devices

  • Turntable
  • Antenna mast/polarizer
  • Absorption clamp

Immunity Positioning Interfaces

  • X-Y Probe Positioner
  • X-Y Antenna Positioner
  • Antenna mast/polarizer

RF Switch Interface

  • Control Remote Switches
  • Control Local Switches on Rear Panel
  • IEEE-488 Computer Interface

Fiber Optic Interface

  • Communication: 62.5-micron glass

Mechanical Specifications

Overall Dimensions:

Height: 3.5 in. (8.8 cm)

Weight: 17.7 in. (44.8 cm)

Depth: 10.5 in. (26.6 cm)

Electrical Specifications

Power Requirements: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 45 W

Communication Media and Type: Fiber optic cable and Type (ST connectors) Bi-direction asynchronous serial

Display Resolution: 240 x 64 LCD LCD back-light

Channel Capacity: 4 fiber channels

Environmental Specifications

Ambient Temperature Limits:

Operating: 0° to +40° C

Storage: -10° to +50° C

Humidity Up to 90% non-condensing

Ordering Information

Product: System Interface

Model Number: SI-300

Warranty: 1 year