Radiated Immunity Test System (EMS-RI-806)

Radiated Immunity Test System (EMS-RI-806)

The TDK EMS-RI-806 Radiated Immunity turnkey test system is supplied with everything needed to conduct IEC 61000-4-3 Radiated Immunity testing, 80 MHz – 6 GHz.

TDK Test System Features

EMC and RF test system design requires expertise at all levels. TDK RF Solutions brings years of design and manufacturing experience to our entire line of products. Whether developing a custom test system, selecting individual components for a project or providing guidance on a Standard System, TDK RF Solutions can provide the answer to your testing needs.

The TDK RF Solutions EMS-RI-806 turnkey system is supplied with everything needed to conduct IEC 61000-4-3 Radiated Immunity testing at 10 V/m @ 3 meters distance from the EUT, using 80% AM modulation (18 V/m CW).

TDK Standard Systems are flexible. They can be easily upgraded to add measurement capabilities for these additional standards: ISO 11451-2, ISO 11452-2 and MIL-STD-461.

The EMS-RI-806 system can be partially automated by integrating the (optional) PP-02 Field Probe Positioner. This is an x-y axis probe positioner that is controlled by the SI-300 systems interface. The PP-02 can be used as part of an automated field leveling and uniformity scheme over a defined vertical plane, satisfying IEC 61000-4-3 field uniformity measurement requirements. The PP-02 eliminates 32 manual position changes during field uniformity measurements.

Standards Applicable to System

This is just a sample of Standards that can be supported with optional upgrades to the system.

Test Standard Description
IEC 61326-1 EMC Requirements-Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control and Laboratory Use
IEC 61204-3 Electromagnetic Compatibility-Low Voltage Switch Mode Power Supplies
IEC 62040-2 Electromagnetic Compatibility-Uninterruptible Power Systems
IEC 60601-1-2 Electromagnetic Compatibility of Medical Devices
IEC 62052-11 Electricity Metering Equipment-General Requirements, Tests and Test Conditions
CISPR 35 Immunity Requirements-Electromagnetic Compatibility of Multimedia Equipment

Baseline System Specifications

  • System Frequency Range: 80 MHz – 6 GHz
  • Field Strength: 10 V/m / 80% AM –18V/m CW
  • Test Distance: 3 meters
  • Signal Generator Specifications: 9 kHz – 6 GHz w/Support for AM, FM and Pulse Modulation
  • Amplifier 1: 80 MHz – 1 GHz, 250 W CW
  • Amplifier 2: 800 MHz – 6 GHz, 70/55W CW
  • Directional Couplers: Included w/ Amplifiers
  • Power Meter: Dual Channel w/Dual Sensors for Peak & Average Power, 50 MHz – 6 GHz
  • Antenna 1: Log Periodic, 80 MHz – 1 GHz
  • Antenna 2: Double-ridged Horn, 800 MHz – 10 GHz
  • Antenna Tripod: TDK TRI-150R Adjustable Tripod
  • TDK System Interface to support TDK RF Switching Unit, System Monitoring Interface and Field Probe (100 kHz – 6 GHz, 0.5 – 800 V/m, includes Field Probe Stand)
  • TDK SYS_RACK, 28U Systems rack, MCP-01 Master Control Panel, PDB-01 Power Distribution Box and RF Door Interlock
  • Interconnect and RF Cables for all Rack Mounted Equipment and Connection from Test Rack to Test Chamber
  • TDK Radiated Immunity Lab Software (RAD-LAB)

Optional Field Level Package

  • System Frequency Range: 80 MHz—6 GHz
  • Field Strength: 30 V/m w/80% AM, 54 V/m w/CW
  • Amp 1 Specification: 80 MHz—1 GHz, 250 W CW
  • Amp 2 Specifications: 800 MHz—6 GHz, 220/150 W CW

Optional System Upgrades & Accessories

  • RF Frequency Extension up to 18 GHz and 40 GHz
  • Optional Standards Testing Including: MIL-STD 461, RTCA D0-160, ISO 11451 and ISO 11452
  • Support for Other Standards Available
  • Easy System Upgrade Potential – Add Equipment as Needed for Additional Standards Support
  • Antennas (various ranges from DC to 40 GHz)
  • Video Overlay System Using TDK RF Solutions RF Hardened and Noise Free HD Camera System
  • Expanded Project Management Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Measurement Test System Options
  • Installation, Training and Consultation Services

TDK Chamber System Solutions

  • Complete 3- and 10-meter Semi-Anechoic Systems
  • Compact Semi-Anechoic Chambers for Limited Space Applications
  • Customized Chamber Systems Built to Customers Specifications
  • OATS Systems, Including Turntable and Other Options
  • Custom GTEM Chambers
  • Custom Reverb Chambers
  • Antenna Measurement Test System Solutions
  • TDK Developed RF Absorber and Ferrite Material – Used in New Systems or as a Replacement/Upgrade
  • ERP and EIRP Test Systems
  • Mode Stir and Reverberation Test Systems

TDK Accessories and Support Products

TDK Test Software

TDK RF Solutions has a 30 year plus history in EMC software and automation development. TDK’s EMC TestLab series of software has solutions for both Emissions and Immunity testing scenarios. TestLab software supports an extensive device driver library, covering most major brands of test equipment. This allows the customer to select the best device for their application. TestLab can be used with all common chamber types: OATS, Antenna/Wireless chambers, TEM/GTEM cells and Reverberation chambers.

TDK Radiated Immunity Lab (RAD-LAB)

  • Automated Radiated Immunity testing
  • Compatible with all chamber types
  • Supports Substitution, Closed Loop and Theoretical testing methods
  • Real-time data display during tests
  • Flexible configuration allowing any data parameters to be plotted on any axis
  • Configurable measurement units, trace thickness, color and labels
  • Frequency range may be split into sub-ranges to accommodate different equipment or settings in different frequency ranges
  • Independent frequency stepping (linear, log or file based) in each sub-range
  • Supports Interactive Mode, to allow detailed examination of trouble points during testing
  • Support for IEC 61000-4-3 calibration (constant field method or constant power method) with field uniformity test and amplifier saturation check
  • Support for ISO 11451 field uniformity
  • (Optional) Video Overlay System Using TDK RF Solutions RF Hardened and Noise Free HD Camera System

Control Software Packages to Address All Testing Needs

  • TDK RF Solutions has a software package that addresses any of your testing needs. These include:
  • TDK Radiated Immunity Lab (RAD-LAB)
  • TDK Conducted Immunity Lab (CON-LAB)
  • TDK Emissions Lab (EMI-LAB)
  • TDK EUT Monitoring Lab (EUT-LAB)
  • TDK Antenna Lab (ANT-LAB)
  • TDK GTEM Emissions Lab (EMI-GTEM-LAB)