Field Probe Stand (FPS-01)

Field Probe Stand (FPS-01)

The TDK FPS Field Probe Stand is designed for use in EMC test environments. The FPS-01 is adjustable for positioning field probes to heights of up to 2.5 meters.

The TDK RF Solutions FPS-01 Field Probe Stand is designed for use in anechoic chambers and shielded test rooms in compliance with IEC-61000-4-3 requiring the positioning of sensors up to either 1.5 m or 80 cm.

The field probe stand is constructed of durable, non-conductive, commercial grade fiberglass and plastic that will not interfere with RF test measurements.

FPS-01 The FPS-01 field probe stand's mast is 1.25 m high. A mast extension piece easily snaps into the base mast and extends the height to 2.5 m. The field probe support can be clamped to the mast at any point, allowing you to place the field probe precisely where needed. The FPS-01 supports equipment up to 10 kg.

A screw type clamp can be supplied with each stand and additional clamps are available upon request.

  • Adjustable height or fixed height models available
  • Non-conductive materials will not interfere with testing
  • IEC-61000-4-3 compliant positioning
  • Isotropic field sensor mounting

Mechanical Specifications
Base: Delrin
Tube: fiberglass

Dimensions: FPS-01
Maximum Height: 250 cm (98”)
Minimum Height: 125 cm (49”)
Base Diameter: 38 cm (15”)
Weight: 9 kg (20 lbs.)

Ordering Information
Product: Field Probe Stand
Model Number: FPS-01
Warranty: 1 year