High Power Biconical Antenna (HBA-2030)

High Power Biconical Antenna (HBA-2030)

The TDK RF Solutions HBA-2030 High Power Biconical Antenna features a patent-pending design that provides optimum performance over the frequency range of 20 MHz to 300 MHz.

The TDK RF Solutions HBA-2030 High Power Biconical Antenna is a new generation biconical dipole that covers the operating frequency range of 20 MHz to 300 MHz. The HBA-2030 offers an unprecedented combination of high power handling, balance, and pattern control, which makes it an excellent choice for immunity measurements.

Precision Design
Designed in-house by our product design engineers, the HBA-2030's patent-pending balun design provides greatly improved balance at low frequencies. The unique cage design provides improved antenna factor at the low end as well as mode-free operation to 300 MHz and higher. The HBA-2030 is manufactured using low-tolerance, precision fabrication methods to minimize intrinsic uncertainties. This mechanically-precise, weld-free design yields predictable performance and delivers accurate, consistent measurements.

Immunity and Emissions Measurements
For radiated immunity testing, the HBA-2030 is a highly efficient radiator with a low VSWR (<2.5:1 average). The HBA-2030's high power handling capability (3500W continuous) accommodates the majority of immunity test applications.

  • Improved balun provides superior patterns and balance
  • Improved cage design provides enhanced low frequency performance and mode-free operation to 300 MHz and higher
  • Moderate power handling capability accommodates a wide range of immunity testing applications

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Mechanical Specifications
Size: 138 cm x 56 cm x 56 cm (56" W x 22" D x 22" H)
Weight: 4 kg (9lbs)
Construction: Aluminum
RF Connector: 7/16 female

Electrical Characteristics
Frequency Range: 20 MHz to 300 MHz
VSWR: 2.5:1 avg for 60MHz-300MHz

Polarization: Linear
Power Handling: 3500 W continuous
Feedpoint Impedance: 50 ohms nominal

Ordering Information
Product: High Power Biconical Antenna
Model Number: HBA-2030
Warranty: 1 year Limited