Antenna Pattern Measurement Chamber

Antenna Pattern Measurement Chamber

TDK’s antenna evaluation anechoic chambers are designed to allow the end user to characterize various features of wireless technology as well as measure the properties of the antennas that support that radio technology.

TDK has developed two standard antenna evaluation chambers for users' antenna measurement system requirements. TDK’s Type A chamber is designed to provide the best performance in a moderately sized chamber. The Type B chamber is designed to provide optimized performance in a restricted size format. Both chambers utilize TDK’s one-of-kind polyethylene closed cell foam and oblique incidence absorber to provide superior performance over a broad frequency range.

These chamber designs are suitable for modern and next generation wireless characterization, as well as stand alone antenna evaluations for such technologies as WLAN, BT, RFID, ETC, Mobile Telecom, UWB, SDARS, and others. The frequency range of use is from 800 MHz to millimeter-wave applications. Other frequency ranges can also be accommodated with different chamber configurations or absorber treatment.

The features and advantages mentioned here are a direct result of TDK’s advanced development techniques for absorber materials, simulation technology and empirical design database.

  • Stable physical and electrical characteristics for absorbing materials.
  • Compact size coupled with high performance.
  • Reduced specular activity based on oblique incident absorbers.
  • Optimized quiet zone available for different applications.
  • Closed cell absorbers for clean environment (no carbon dust).
  • Green manufacturing process: ISO 9001,ISO 14001 & RoHS compliant.
  • Applicable for Millimeter-wave testing up to 110GHz.
  • Bright work area with light reflective white caps.

Antenna Characterization Tests

  • Radiation Pattern
  • Gain
  • Effective Radiated Power

Application Specific Tests

  • Wireless Communications
  • Mobile Telecom
  • RFID/Mesh Networking

Specialty Items

  • Oblique Incident Absorbers
  • Low Reflective Foam
  • White Caps and Walkway

  • Basic Material: Polyethylene
  • Composition: Closed Cell
  • Tensile Stability: 4 kg / cm^2
  • Chemical Stability: Only oxidizing agent can erode
  • Humidity Resistance: No deterioration
  • Product Life: > 10 years
  • Operating Temperature: < 100 C
  • Fire Retardation: NRL Class 1,2 and 3 , UL94HBF
  • Burning Gas: H2O , CO2 , Aliphatic compound gas
  • Adhesion Reliability: Epoxy resin adhesive may give the best adhesion

TDK Special Oblique Incident Absorber (IS–SM Series)

TDK microwave IS material absorber is a conductive, carbon-loaded, closed-cell polyethylene foam absorber that is designed for use in microwave and millimeter wave test chambers, antenna pattern test chambers and other special use anechoic facilities. TDK IS series absorbers are light weight yet rigid and durable, with excellent resistance to wear and damage.